Vanity Card #43/44 - The Leap Of Faith

Dear readers, you might have noticed a time gap in the project.

The missing Vanity Card #43, which was written on August 23th...

Vanity Card #44 - The Leap Of Faith, 9th of January 2016

Yes, I took a four month detour writing for another project, which can be found from my Instagram account - here is the link!However this site has come to an end since I have started the new year with my own dedicated website,

This site will be closed 1.2.2016

Vanity Card Express will start printing new cards soon, so stay tuned and head to the new site!

I want to express my gratitude for following Vanity Card Express and reading my material.  
As I stated in mentioned #44 card, the joy of having a couple of trusty readers has been a delightful experience! Hope you're having a great start for 2016 and let's carry on with the vanity.

- George


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The author was given another life after living the usual household hell for a couple of decades.

Nowadays the writer has devoted his time to think about the big scary relationships. Personal economy.
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There must be a loophole?

Currently living in the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland.
The homeland of saunas, koskenkorva and winters so cold, they might be written by George R.R Martin.

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